Sunday, January 26, 2014

Movie Party

The Movie Party
is my favorite party!
I think the children really love it too!

The theater is set up with rows of chairs.
We hang curtains all around the theater to make it dark.
(The children think it's funny when we tell them
No Texting and to silence their cell phones) 

We make wallets and give the children "money" 
to buy their tickets and purchase snacks in the
concession stand.

The children wait patiently to enter the theater.
Then the fun begins.

The concession stand is the best part!
We sell hot dogs, drinks, popcorn and candy!
(This is a real treat.  Normally our snacks are very healthy.)

We appreciate our parent helpers very much.
They provide the food and work in the concession stand.

The Movie Party is the best!  
You SHOULD try this at home.
Your children would love it!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Letter D Week

Letter D Week
Our themes this week included
dinosaurs, dogs and dots.

Our sensory tub was filled with rice and the children
enjoyed digging for dinosaurs.

We hatched our own dinosaur.

(The dinosaur egg was purchased at Cracker Barrel.)

The children loved coming in each morning
and checking to see how our dinosaur was doing.

We made pterodactyls in the art center.

We measured using dinosaurs.
We counted and sorted dinosaurs.

We read books about dinosaurs and sang songs about dinosaurs.

We excavated dinosaurs out of blocks of ice.
It was a hit!!!

We dressed up like dinosaurs

and constructed a dinosaur museum in the block area.

We learned a lot about dogs and read several great storybooks about dogs.

The children loved the books,
Good Boy Fergus 
Duke, The Dairy Delight Dog!

We made dogs in art!

Woof, Woof!

In the math center the children used pattern blocks to construct dogs.

Our literacy center featured the book, The Dot.

In our math center we used Dots as manipulatives.

We sorted, counted, graphed and made patterns using our Dots!

Then we ate the Dots!

We used Duplos to make dozens of dots!

The highlight our the week was our Diner.
The Dairy Delight Diner was open for business!

Our waiters did a wonderful job 
of taking care of the customers.
We had busboys, chefs, hostesses, and cashiers.

The diner was an absolute blast.  
The children were bummed when it was clean up time.
D week was fantastic.

Next week ~  Letter T!